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Shipping Manager For WooCommerce

Shipping Manager For WooCommerce convert city field to dropdown, allow adding custom cities with rates and easily adding custom WooCommerce shipping zones (city – country – state)[Pro], and also (show/hide) shipping checkout fields and changing city field label.


Enhanced WooCommerce Shipping Manager: Streamlining City Selection and Customization

Maximizing WooCommerce Shipping Efficiency

In the bustling world of e-commerce, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers is paramount. One significant aspect that can either elevate or hamper this experience is the shipping process. With the “Shipping Manager for WooCommerce,” online merchants can now elevate their shipping game to unprecedented heights. This plugin boasts a myriad of features, ranging from customizing city selections to refining shipping zones, ensuring that every package reaches its destination promptly and efficiently.

Unleashing the Power of Custom Cities

Gone are the days when online stores were restricted to preset city options. With the Free Plugin Features of the Shipping Manager, merchants can now:
  • Incorporate an array of custom cities options, ensuring that no city is left behind.
  • Tailor the city field label to resonate with their brand’s tone and voice.
  • Transition the traditional checkout city text field into a user-friendly dropdown, simplifying the selection process for customers.
  • Implement custom dropdown cities options, giving users a curated list of cities that align with their shipping preferences.
  • Adjust custom dropdown cities shipping rates and costs to reflect accurate shipping charges.
  • Streamline the checkout process by disabling custom billing and shipping fields that might be redundant or unnecessary.
  • Define the parent country for specific cities, offering clarity in shipping logistics.

Elevating the Experience with Premium Features

For those seeking an enhanced shipping management experience, the Premium Plugin Features are a game-changer:
  • Integrate custom WooCommerce shipping zones, encompassing specific combinations of city, country, and state, ensuring precise shipping calculations.
  • Determine the rates base section based on either the billing fields section or the shipping fields section, providing flexibility in rate calculations.
  • Offer customers the flexibility to revert the dropdown checkout cities back to text fields, providing predictive options for rapid city selection.


In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, every detail matters. By harnessing the capabilities of the Shipping Manager for WooCommerce, online retailers can craft a shipping experience that’s both efficient and tailored to their audience’s needs. Whether you’re looking to expand your city options or refine your shipping zones, this plugin is your gateway to shipping excellence.

Free Plugin Features

  • Add unlimited custom cities options.
  • Custom city field label.
  • Convert checkout city text field to dropdown.
  • Custom dropdown cities options.
  • Custom dropdown cities shipping rates and costs.
  • Disable custom billing fields.
  • Disable custom shipping fields.
  • Select cities parent country


Premium Plugin Features

  • Add custom Woocommerce shipping zones (city – country – state).
  • Select rates base section ( billing fields section – shipping fields section ).
  • Convert dropdown checkout cities to text field prediction.

Subscription includes