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Alt Manager

Alt Manager is a WordPress image alt text plugin that bulk generate and change WordPress images Alt and Title attributes text and fix empty values on your ( Pages – Posts )[Free Version] ( Products – Custom Post Type )[Premium Version] separately to several dynamic related values, This plugin is a full solution for generating images dynamic alt and title values.


This Plugin bulk changes WordPress images Alt and Title attributes immediately on your website front end so you don’t need to change images info on media library all you need to do is just adding images dynamic values settings on the Alt Manager settings on your WordPress website dashboard then the plugin will do the rest and save your time.

Also the plugin dynamic Alt and Title attributes values highly certainly increases your website SEO performance cause of the related values added to those tags and as a result brings more traffic to your website from search engines.

Why Alt Manager WordPress image alt text plugin?

  • Dynamically generate SEO friendly images alt and title.
  • Generate empty and fix missing images Alt and Title attributes .
  • Change both Alt and Title attributes.
  • Change featured images Alt and Title attributes.
  • Saves a lot of time by bulk changing images Alt and Title attributes.
  • Your original images is safe, changes affect Front-End only.
  • Improve Your WordPress Images SEO performance.
  • Improve Your Images SEO performance on search engines.
  • Compatible with WPML.

Why images alt is important for SEO performance on search engines?

Images SEO performance is so important on search engines like Google images because it brings traffic to your website as its shows your website images on related keywords.

Google Images uses alt text to connect images to the right keywords on Google images. so when your images come on a keyword at Google images it brings also the page URL where this images found.

And as Google mentioned about Google Images SEO , its very important to write alt text that describes your images cause google uses alt text  along with algorithms to get information’s about your page  content to help users find related images in Google Images.

In conclusion, Dynamic image Alt text is so important for SEO and its time to keep it in consideration as a big part of your website seo.

That’s why Alt Manager WordPress image alt text plugin comes with dynamic related alt and title to give your website images the best performance on Google images and also to improve your website SEO performance on Google insights and other search engines.

Plugin Features

  • Bulk generate images alt tags.
  • Bulk generate images title tags.
  • Generate only empty images alt tags.
  • Generate only empty title tags.

Images Alt And Title Supported Values

  • Site Name:
    The Website name that you already placed on settings -> general -> Site Title.
  • Site Description:
    The Website Description that you already placed on settings -> general -> Tagline.
  • Page Title:
    Your page title.
  • Post Title:
    Your post title.
  • Product Title:
    Your product tite.
  • Images (Alt – Name – Caption – Description):
    Media attachment meta values.

Free Version Supported Post Types

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Blog Archive

Premium Version Supported Post Types

  • Products
  • Shop Page
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Post Types Archive Pages

Subscription includes