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Alt Manager

Alt Manager is an indispensable WordPress image alt text plugin, designed to extensively generate and amend WordPress images’ Alt and Title attributes. It seamlessly rectifies empty values across (Pages – Posts) [Free Version] and (Products – Custom Post Types) [Premium Version], assigning dynamic, contextually relevant values. This plugin is a comprehensive solution for generating dynamic Alt and Title attributes for images.


This tool promptly modifies WordPress images’ Alt and Title attributes directly on your website’s front end, eliminating the need to alter image details within the media library. Simply configure the dynamic values settings in the Alt Manager’s settings on your WordPress dashboard, and the plugin takes care of the rest, conserving your precious time.

Moreover, the plugin’s dynamic Alt and Title attribute values significantly enhance your website’s SEO performance by adding relevant values to those tags, consequently driving more traffic from search engines to your website.

Why Choose Alt Manager for WordPress Image Alt Text?

  • Dynamically generate SEO-friendly image Alt and Title attributes.
  • Address and rectify empty or missing image Alt and Title attributes.
  • Alter both Alt and Title attributes.
  • Modify featured images’ Alt and Title attributes.
  • Save substantial time by bulk updating image Alt and Title attributes.
  • Preserve original images, as changes only affect the Front-End.
  • Enhance your WordPress images’ SEO performance.
  • Improve image SEO performance on search engines.
  • Compatible with WPML.

Importance of Image Alt for SEO Performance on Search Engines

Image SEO performance is crucial on search engines like Google Images because it drives traffic to your website by showcasing your images under relevant keywords. Google Images employs alt text to link images to pertinent keywords. When your images appear under a keyword in Google Images, they also link to the page URL where the images are found.

As Google emphasizes, it is crucial to write descriptive alt text for your images because Google uses this text alongside algorithms to gather information about your page content, helping users find related images in Google Images.

In Conclusion

Dynamic image Alt text is vital for SEO and should be a major consideration in your website’s SEO strategy. The Alt Manager WordPress image alt text plugin provides dynamic, contextually relevant alt and title attributes, ensuring your website images achieve optimal performance on Google Images and other search engines, thereby enhancing your overall website SEO performance.

Plugin Features

  • Bulk generate image alt tags.
  • Bulk generate image title tags.
  • Generate only empty image alt tags.
  • Generate only empty title tags.

Supported Values for Images’ Alt and Title

  • Site Name: The website name as specified in settings -> general -> Site Title.
  • Site Description: The website description as specified in settings -> general -> Tagline.
  • Page Title: The title of the page.
  • Post Title: The title of the post.
  • Product Title: The title of the product.
  • Images (Alt – Name – Caption – Description): Media attachment meta values.

Free Version Supported Post Types

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Blog Archive

Premium Version Supported Post Types

  • Products
  • Shop Page
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Post Types Archive Pages

Subscription includes